Protective Equipment (PPE) for Lebanon Frontliners

On August 4 2020, a massive explosion rocked Lebanon's capital city, Beirut, to its core. At least 220 people have lost their lives, 7000 are injured, 300,000 are homeless, and hundreds are still missing. This explosion is only the latest disaster wrought on the Lebanese people by its corrupt and careless government. But the Lebanese are fighting back, as they have done since the start of the October 2019 revolution: they are fighting to end the rule of oligarchs, they are fighting for equality, they are fighting to rebuild their city and their country, and they need your help. 

We are raising funds to enable the purchase and supply protective equipment to volunteers and protestors alike on the ground in Beirut.  In the direct aftermath of the blast, Lebanese citizens mobilised and took to cleaning the city themselves, without any centralised state support.  A city-wide initiative such as this requires adequate PPE (in some areas like Gemmayze and Mar Mkhael, the hardest hit in the city, rubble from demolished buildings still falls on the streets). 

At the same time, these volunteers and activists are often the target of police brutality. The Lebanese government has today announced a state of emergency, giving the army sweeping powers to impose curfews, disperse crowds, and much more.  Civilians are now at heightened risk, becoming increasingly targeted by army and police forces alike. Not only have the police and army not lifted a finger to aid in the cleaning, rescue and relief initiatives, they are also actively impeding the efforts of the Lebanese citizens who are doing this work.  From intimidation tactics to outright aggression (countless journalists have documented the use of force by the army and police against activists), excessive violence against Lebanese citizens doesn't seem to stop. It is our duty to enable them to protect themselves, as they protect the nation's future. 


All raised funds will be transferred to NGOs on the ground who will purchase helmets, protective gloves, face masks, goggles and shields and make them available to the activists on the ground.

The estimate costs are: 

$10 Helmet 
$10 Goggles & Gloves Combined
$25 Face Mask
$25 Shields 

At a cost of $70 per person per full gear, we estimate to be able to support approximately 277 frontliners.

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